Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tropical Storm

Todays color is Tropical Storm from L.A. Colors Color Craze. At first glance when I put this color on my hubby and I saw it as a metal grey color or gun metal. We went out with the kids and some friends to Red Robin  and they pointed out that it looks green when the nails catch the light. So it's really like an ocean storm grey with tinges of green, a sea green. I like it almost as much as Gizmo likes licking!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Off with Her Red! Added hearts today using Fantasy Makers black nail color . Since I wasn't sure if it would smear I used a less expensive top coat Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat . So um ya it smeared . I must learn to be patient during the drying stage . To make the hearts I used nail art tools . This is my first attempt at using these tools and I must say it is much easier to do on paper.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Off With Her Red!

This is the second nail polish Baek and Karatha brought back from Disney World for me. I love this one also. Truly a bloodred color. I used two coats maybe three I am tired but at least two of O.P.I. Off With Her Head! over an O.P.I. base coat. These pictures are taken right after a short clean up , (yes I see I need to do a little more clean up) and I had not yet put a top coat on the nails. So you can see how pretty the color is even before a shine is put on top. Thank you both!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I added a stamp from Konad plate M64 today and used Konad special nail polish in black. Click on the image to see more detail. Sorry the lighting in the pictures isn't the best and my nails still need a little clean up around edges. The black wasn't easy to clean up I forgot to apply chapstick on my fingers before stamping. I am pleased with this polish and design combo though. And this way I have a picture record. It is so easy for me to forget what stamp , polish combinations I have tried already.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thanks So Muchness!

My daughter and son-in-law just recently returned from Disney World and brought back gifts. They gave me two polishes I have wanted for awhile from the OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection. I put this one on today it is such a wonderful, rich, shimmer red the picture doesn't do it justice. It reminds me of what I think the color of Ruby slippers should be. It is so pretty. Now ask me what is it?  It's ,  Thanks So Muchness! Thanks So Muchness Karatha and Baek. I'm using their World of Warcraft toon names for those who might be wondering.

I used OPI Base coat , OPI Thanks So Muchness! , and Seche Vite top coat.
Below is a picture of Suntan Belly Bailey.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Frustrated Purple

It's been very hot here and the pups are enjoying it.
I picked L.A. Colors color craze Fun In The Sun this week with a silver konad rose from plate S1. My frustration is that you can't tell in these pictures how awesome this purple is. I Love this color and again am kicking myself for not picking up an extra package when the set was on sale.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pink Left

My hubby and I were shopping at Fred Meyer and he spotted this craft cabinet/table and talked me into getting it. When we got home he put it together for me and I love it. I told him I would post pics. Most polishes fit in the drawers. I do have to put the taller Insta nail polish in the deeper bottom drawer but that's ok. This is awesome and so much easier to get to then rummaging thru shoeboxes.

I had not yet bought a French Nail tip pen when I did this hand I wish I had. I think these shades of pink would look good with a French tip. I used O.P.I. base coat , On my thumb I used S.H. Diamond Strength Angels Trumpet , Index I used Wet N Wild Crystalic Heavenly , Middle Julep Carrie (creme) , Ring I used Sinful Colors Mission Pink , and for the pinkie I used Loreal How Romantic.
All of these except the Julep are sheer even after 4 coats. I used 3 on the middle. Even so I like them and would personally wear all but the Julep and SH on an interview. The Angels Trumpet is more of a wedding pink in my opinion and the Carrie reminds me of a Barbie pink. What can I say to me it is too cute for an interview.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pink Right hand

So I decided to swatch a bunch of pink polish to see which ones might be ok on an interview. Not for me but for my daughter to look at. Here's my right hand. I know I need practice using a French tip pen. Anyway , I started with Kiss Draw-on French tip pen and OPI base coat. For the Thumb I used Sinful colors Dozen Roses , Index has Sinful colors Beautiful Girl , Middle has OPI Aphrodites Pink Nightie , Ring has Sinful colors Pink Forever , on the pinkie I used L.A. Colors color craze Exotic Pink.

I asked my husband to tell me which one he liked best and afterwards I told him the name. He picked Aphrodites Pink Nightie. It's a nice color not to pink or flashy. My daughter liked that one also. I liked the pinkie L.A. color craze Exotic Pink not for an interview though but because it reminds me of strawberry rubarb pie. YUM! Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl is well I think of Peach not pink when I look at it. Sinful Colors Pink Forever is most definitely pink and bright for an interview. Sinful Colors Dozen Roses might be ok.