Friday, April 22, 2011

Gizmo and Bailey

Short video of Gizmo and Bailey at the new house. Perfect size for my husband, myself and the pups, 1618 sq feet. Can see the pups loo in upstairs bathroom, sorry but it is what it is. Small dogs pee a lot at least mine do so we bought them their own loo. When they are downstairs they will go outside. I am just happy they already have used the loo without being directed or told because lord knows the last thing I want on my new floors is pee. And yes Gizmo received a nail trim when we got back to the apartment. Furniture gets moved in on Saturday. At the moment I have just been tossing stuff here and there to get it unpacked and boxes broken down for recycle. Organizing will come later.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sand Tropez

Closed on our house today. Been extremely busy packing for over a week. And will be busy for rest of the week. This was a fast mani started with a  strengthner added icing white base which I could have skipped then Essie, "Sand Tropez" with  a seche finish.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wild Blue Yonder

 Base coat used is Pro Fx Fiberized Ridge Filler, (bought at Walmart). Primer used is Pure Ice, "Oh Baby", (white also from Walmart). Main color Nicole by OPI, "Wild Blue Yonder", (could have been bought at Target or Walmart not sure anymore). My nails are getting back into shape so I am being over cautious in making sure I have a good base before adding any color which might stain them. Besides I reason most people do use a primer before painting it really brings out the color. So under this blue is a white coat. I needed to run out the door after this mani was done so the top coat is seche which as we know causes shrinkage but I was in a hurry. We did final inspection on the house now just have to wait for under writer and go to closing. I am so stressed I was glued to cnn watching the budget in the senate because if our government shuts down our house will come to a grinding halt. So umm ya I am totally stressed.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dreamy Creme

Milani, "Dreamy Creme" with Sephora "Celibacy Club". Very busy packing as we are buying a house and moving. It's a nerve wracking process.