Monday, May 16, 2011


Here's an outside picture of Don't Mess With OPI. I am now going through 1000 pictures to either save to disc or delete. I am smacking my head because unless I recognize a polish color I don't remember what polish I used. After seeing how blogger has messed up for a few people this week I decided I should save my stuff and label it since I can't count on always being able to go onto my blog and search labels I used already. For the move I put my polishes in shoe boxes and containers so my order is all messed up now. So um ya I need to start labeling my pictures in edit with polish I use or always hold the bottle with the name showing in at least one of each set. Lesson learned.


Not sure what happened I received e-mails and allowed comments to be published but seems some have disappeared. I want to take time and Thank each of you that did leave comments. I did read the e-mails. I appreciate each one and each tip that has been shared. Your all helpful and kind. Thank you all very much.

Don't Mess With OPI

Quick Post been up all night catching up on season finales and doing my nails. Hubby was snoring makes it hard to sleep but a good time to watch shows. Because seriously he makes comments about the characters and I have to remind him it's a TV show so of course the characters make bad choices. Anyway, back to my post... I applied a base coat strengthener, ridge filler, 2 coats of Don't Mess With OPI and no top coat in pictures.  Pics are taken inside and near a window in early morning hours. Nails are still recovering from the move and I am not done unpacking. I only just found my Sephora nail file last night after searching high and low and pouring thru boxes and make up bags. I really need to buy more glass files because having just one is not a good thing. I do love my glass nail file if you know what I mean. I like this green but it is calling for a stamp or some kind of nail art. Hope this post is coherent because I am tired.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


My youngest daughter came over to visit today and brought me a Mothers Day gift. Some polish I have been wishing for and Aloe Moisture Gloves. My Texas/shatter mani is still looking good with zero chips so I will be keeping that on another day or so. My daughter looked over my stash then picked out polish for her nails. She just finished college and is a substitute teacher while pursuing a full time teaching position. Boo, (my nickname for her) works at Sam's Club between sub jobs. Her hands take a beating so we did some clipping, filing, soaking and cuticle removal. Started with a nail strengthener base, a coat of L.A.Colors Color Craze "Splash", quick dry seche, silver shatter and a top coat of seche. We have moved outside of the city now so it was an unexpected visit and if you ask me those are the best gifts my kids can give me!  Yes teachers have Moms that call them by nicknames. Barb will always be my Boo Bear and my oldest will always be Pumpkin it is what it is, heh.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Silver Shatter

OPI Silver Shatter over OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys. Pictures taken outside today we had a break in the rain showers.

Suzi Loves Cowboys

OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys. A wonderful chocolate color with high gloss. These pictures have no top coat added so you can see how glossy this polish is. Bottom of the bottle was messed up when I bought it. The display only had two bottles and both bottoms had green on them. My guess a bottle of polish busted during shipping.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aphrodite's Pink Nightie

Watching Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior and doing my nails. Pro Fx strengthener base coat, OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie so far one coat. No clean up yet still want to add another coat.

Added  OPI Black Shatter

Monday, May 2, 2011


So I could not sleep and ended up making tomorrows supper this evening. On bright side it is all done I just need to make rice and heat it up tomorrow. It will taste yummy as the seasoning will have set over night.
Family recipe from my Mom no clue where she got it from. What I do know is that this was frequently on the menu when I was growing up and is a favorite of my Husbands and my kids. 
1 1/2 pounds ground beef
1 onion chopped
1 green pepper chopped ( I would add more if I had more but they are pricey around here)
1 clove of garlic minced
3 15oz cans of small red beans (I used black beans in this picture because it is what was in my pantry)
2 6oz cans of tomato paste
1-2 tablespoons of chili powder ( I put chili powder on table so peeps can add more if want and Hubby adds hot sauce)
1 tsp of cumin (optional but I like it so I use it)
  In a large skillet brown beef, onion, pepper and garlic. Drain fat. Stir in rest of the ingredients. Simmer uncovered 30 min. Great with rice, crusty bread or cornbread. Also gets better the next day so good for a do ahead and pot lucks.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


First couple of pictures are of  polish my daughter and son in law gave me for Mothers Day. I know it's early but I won't be seeing them on Mothers Day. And I was Happy with their choices for me. Really happy about the pro fx since it isn't available where we have moved. And then today my daughter called all excited about her Hubbys hair cut. Which by the way was a good hair cut. I can't remember exactly what she said because as soon as she told me she had found shatter I was super excited. You see my husband, daughters and I have been looking high and low for shatter and it has been sold out for months everywhere. I mean months! Or some places did not get a shipment it's crazy. I was getting depressed because it seemed to me every blog I looked on everyone had shatter except me and I have been lemming for shatter since before the Katy Perry one, seriously only before shatter it was crackle. So I am thrilled. They picked up two bottles of black and one of silver from Hair Masters who'd of thought? I didn't and I am so glad my Son in law decided to get his hair cut today. Thank you Josh and Tara.