Monday, August 22, 2011

L A Colors Shimmer Brights

My daughter gave me a set of L.A. Colors Shimmer Brights and I played with them today. This is what happened.
I opened up the package and used the black first.
 Then I was going to try that straw blowing technique so I went for the pinkish/red and it was so pretty I just covered the whole nail because it was this awesome purple.

I did not stop here as I really wanted to do that straw technique. So I grabbed the green. Then I messed up I think the straw is to big so I grabbed the orange and this is what happened.

I like how it turned out even though it isn't what I intended.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Quick post. Been a busy week watching Oso and the pups. Gizmo especially since he can't seem to understand Oso does not want to be his friend. Here is a yellow polish I have had for awhile but the crackle I found oh I want to say a week ago or so at Fred Meyer. Yellow is Sally's Insta Dry Lightening and the crackle is L.A. Girls Rupture. Not liking this combo but for some reason my husband does. Am also wearing this on my paws and while I don't like this on my claws I must say it looks pretty good on the paws. Not showing you pics of those though cuz I am just not a paw person.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Listening at Cracks

Dog sitting for my daughter and son in law while they are on vacation. Oso is a beautiful dog but we have to keep her away from the pups. Oso does not play well with other dogs. The puppies really want her to but she has already taken a bite out of Bailey once in the past. So we keep them separated with doors and Baby gates. Oso  has her own room while she is staying with us so we can get some sleep. We have plenty of room so we're happy to watch her. But I have to remain on alert this week. Top picture is Oso. She ignores the pups for the most part as long as they are kept away. Bottom picture is Bailey and Gizmo who ignore nothing and seem to think everyone should love them including Oso.