Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Excuse Moi' !

First Thank You to my daughter Tara for this polish!
Excuse Moi' doesn't need a color polish under it. For a glitter this is very opaque after a few coats. I did choose however to use Sally Hansen Nail Salon Choco-Latte on my nails before adding Excuse Moi'. 
You might wonder why I included this first blurry picture but look close at the nail on the right this was the best shot of what I think is the true color. It was a yucky day outside and I just could not get the sparkle on camera or the best color except for that one shot you see on top.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trafalgar Square Magnetic Polish

Finally got around to putting some polish on. My hands are trashed from washing them so much since we're still working on Hermione's potty training. She's doing well for 5 months. Not really sure of her age since she is a rescue pup. Her first month with us was spent just getting her healthy. She is now healthy and able to be with the other pups.

Bailey is on the left, Hermione is in middle and Gizmo is on the right. They all get along just fine. Bailey is the Queen and Hermione and Gizmo her followers.