Saturday, June 16, 2012


First I tried to gather polish and blow through a straw when that did not work I just dropped polish on my nail and blew. I liked it so I went with it. Unfortunately I think the bubbling you see on my nails happened when I applied my final clear coat, grrrrrr... oh well.
I used a base coat by Essie then first and second coats of polish are 
Milani, Dreamy Creme, 
splat n blow colors are
Sinful Colors, Love Nails, 
Sinful Colors ,HD Nails and
OPI,  Did It On Em. 

I've been extremely preoccupied. My daughter and son in law moved in with us so they can concentrate on paying off student loans, credit cards and car dept. So it's been a bit of an adjustment time for the pups as their dog Oso has also moved in with us and Oso doesn't get along with the pups. I have broken almost every nail recently while combining the two households and didn't feel like doing my nails. The first two breaks were so painful I had to patch them until the nails grew to a length I could trim them and not be in pain. Not something I would wish on even an enemy. Okay well maybe an enemy but definitely not a friend ;) Things are finally getting settled and my nails are growing in so I hope to have more time for my polish. Thanks for stopping by.