Monday, November 26, 2012


It has been a very difficult weekend for us here. It starts about  6 years ago more or less. My daughter had moved into an apartment with 2 other roommates who already owned a dog. Her roommates had a falling out and separated, drama ensued.  Well one evening when my daughter was at her boyfriends house, (he later became her husband) one of the X roommates drove by shoved the dog out and pretty much said here you take her. My daughter has a big heart and took Oso in even though her boyfriends apt complex did not allow dogs. Eventually they moved in together into another apartment that did allow dogs.
 At this point I need to tell you  Oso comes with issues. According to my daughters X roommates, (female couple for the record) they had gotten Oso from an abusive situation. Oso hated men was unsocialized , has trust issues and had a submissive peeing issue. 
Time goes by  Oso is well taken care of and loved by my daughter and her husband. She was taken to the vet when needed. They paid for an eye surgery she had done and her shots were always up to date. She had some lumps they had her tested to make sure it wasn't cancer. Turned out it was fatty cells. Still she continued to have social issues. On two separate occasions one I was told about and one when I was there Oso went after my son in laws Father and on another nipped Bailey, (our chiweenie) and continued to distrust most people. I say nipped because no stitches were needed. The bite would not have happened except I took my eyes off of Bailey and Oso and Oso took that second to go after Bailey. It happened that fast.
 Anyhow, during this time between when Oso was dropped into my daughters lap and now Oso got over her fear of men and stopped submissive peeing her social issues with other animals improved but she never became totally trustworthy and we kept her muzzled when around other animals. Eventually due to finances, increased rent, dept, education loans my daughter and her husband moved in with us. We put up baby gates everywhere, kept the pups and Oso apart when she was unmuzzled and managed. Our biggest fear I think this whole time was if we went to the shelter they would euthanize her because she would be deemed unadoptable. My daughter became pregnant she is due in March. The issue of what to do with Oso has had all of us but especially my daughter and her husband torn for months now. That  Oso poses a threat to the baby's safety is not even a question in any of our minds. She needs training we do not have the funds to provide for her. At one point we thought well maybe we could set up a kennel for her in the garage. But what if when the baby starts to walk he figured out how to open the door and would being in the garage really be a fair way for Oso and us to live. So my daughter contacted paws filled out paper work and had a consult. Paws said they would not take her after reviewing the paperwork and 2 telephone consults. 
Sadly this weekend the decision was made to take her to the shelter. The paper work was filled out and they interviewed my son in law who gave over all the information we have on Oso which included the names of my daughters X roommates. Oso rubbed her head on the leg of one of the shelters workers. A good sign because thank goodness she did not show aggression. My husband looked around the shelter it is clean, modern and they only had a few dogs up for adoption. While there he said there was a steady flow of people coming in looking to adopt animals. I think he said each dog had it's own kennel and there was an area where the dogs got exercise or that the handlers there walk them. A fee was paid and it was the hardest thing my son in law has ever had to do. He broke down in the car in tears. Before my son in law and husband had even returned home the shelter called my son in law and told them Oso had a micro chip and they asked him if he knew the name of the owner listed on the chip. Both my daughter and her husband do not know the person. And my daughter can't remember who her X roommate said she had gotten Oso from. Our hope is that Oso will be reunited with her true owner or will find someone willing to adopt her and invest time in her training. If the owner doesn't claim her my son in law told me the shelter said she would be listed as adoptable to a family without children or other pets. She really is a good dog when there are no other animals around and she learns to trust you. So there have been many tears shed this weekend. We won't know what happens to Oso but we are hopeful. When you release an animal to the shelter you give up all rights to knowing what happens to the animal. The fact that they called and let my son in law know she had a micro chip was encouraging though.
Some of you reading this might be angry. Might even want to say hurtful things to myself and my family. We did what we thought was best for Oso for as long as we were able. Bottom line though we have to think of the safety of our future grandchild and our 3 other dogs. I can not stress the importance of socializing a dog enough. I also can not stress the importance of having a dog that is thrown into your lap checked for a micro chip even if your afraid they might euthanize it. We had no idea Oso had an owner out there. We can only speculate as to how Oso landed in the hands of my daughters X roommates.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving! This puppy is exhausted and off to bed.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Self Motivation

Okay so I am 50 you think I would have it all together in my life by now. Not so, still a work in progress. Let me start by saying I can't spell and have little grammar education and that's not going to change. Perfecting my grammar is not a priority and I will use spell check for the rest. So therefore I will just type as the words appear in my head since that is how I would say what I wanted to say aloud, heh.
Anyways I need to get my life on a schedule. I haven't had a schedule in ohhh , hmm when did my youngest go off to college hold on need to think about it... She graduated June 2011 so it's been about 5 years since I had to think about a daily schedule around a child. Life is going to change though in or around March because my oldest daughter is having a baby boy! Due to some financial difficulties my daughter and son in law live with us. He has student loans to pay, plus they have two car loans and some credit card dept. Both work full time but it isn't enough to pay all they owe. Back to what I was saying. I stay at home so while everyone , (including Hubby) is at work it is looking like I will have a baby in my life again. I am thinking this means no more staying up all night and sleeping until noon. Lucky for me this time around it's a grandchild and the night time feeding, blah, blah blah will fall on my daughter and son in laws shoulders. Even so I need to train my inner clock. So I woke up early today it is 6:10 am now.
I don't have time to do a mani before tomorrow so first thing after my coffee I put a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri on my nails to protect the black and white mani i have now. Which will go with what I am planning on wearing tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I bought Apt 9 skinny jeans in blue from Kohl's and a black and white mocktop. Nothing fancy and yes I am a plus size woman, "Sigh". Tried these on in the store and Spud, (hubby) got a sparkle in his eye so I bought them.

Thanksgiving this year will be at my daughters place. Her boyfriend is cooking, he loves to cook. We're bringing mashed sweet potatoes which will be nothing compared to in the past when I did it all. I am making the sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, sausage cheese balls and stuffing today. Usually I do the cooking but last year I told my kids I don't want to do every Holiday anymore. It's a lot of work. I am looking forward to relaxing this year on Thanksgiving Day. And yes sweet potatoes, sausage balls, stuffing and a pie are nothing in my book compared to cleaning, preparing, setting the table, serving and then clearing again on Thanksgiving Day.
SO back to my day, polish is dry it's 6:35 am. Time to clean up my kitchen and start a pie. The kitchen has to be spotless before I begin baking or cooking it is just how I am.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Diamond

base coat pro fx
polish Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Black Diamond
design Stickers
no top coat

 For these pictures I wanted to try to give you an idea of how pretty this polish is. :( Need a better camera though. This is a pretty black and when you turn your hand under light you can see twinkles of other colors like copper, blue, green and not sure what others since I am not done playing with the color in the light.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nail art Seahorse

 Decided to mess around with some new pens from Migi Nail Art my daughter gave me and a plate I picked up in a set at Walmart from Salon Express, (as seen on tv). It has been so long since I have stamped that I forgot a few things. I forgot I needed to move fast and patiently wait for my polish to dry before each step. So I had to touch up a bit. Even so in real life it looks pretty cool as long as you don't look to close, heh!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nail Junkie 1

I say this is Nail Junkie 1 because I want to try Nail Junkie on it's own. I keep looking at my nails. Loving this color.
base coat    Pro Fx
Nail polish   Lustre Shine Scarab
top polish    Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine

base coat  Pro Fx
polish        Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Scarab
No Top Coat

Today was overcast here so it was very difficult to get a good picture. Since we have hit November I think I need to reclaim my shadow box from my Hubby.