Sunday, December 30, 2012


This was an experiment that turned out well. Could have been better but as you can see I started with the pinkie and by the time I reached my thumb I think I got it right. A side note about using elmer's only use it if your not planning on keeping your polish on for more then a day or 2.

First applied elmer's
base coat
then a coat of lightest polish
after polish dried I applied the 3 coats using a makeup sponge
clear top coat

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Midnight Forest

base elemer's
second base seche
polish Cover Girl Midnight Forest

This polish looks charcoal grey unless it is under the light. I played with this under different lighting to try to show you the different looks. Up close under the light you can see that it also has a glimmer with multiple color. This looks to me to be similar to Tropical Storm . It's green or grey depends on mostly because it is rainy and dark where I live it looks grey.

Here you can see the glimmer of different colors in this polish.

My daughter and Son in law bought me this for Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ruby Ruby

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I've been extremely busy. We had our family over for Christmas and it was one of the best ever. Started with a big breakfast cooked by my husband. Waffles, sausage, bacon, hash browns, eggs, OJ, sparkling cider, milk, water, and coffee. Unwrapped gifts and had an awesome time of fun filled fellowship. Everyone stayed until well after supper so we ended up having homemade lasagna with garlic bread along with drink of choice. Desert was a chocolate mousse we had bought from Costco that my son in law had oohed and ahh'd over on previous Costco visits. My son in laws birthday is today so we usually have a cake of his choice Christmas day.

Todays NOTD is Ruby Ruby. I just want to say that this red is more of a holiday red then the camera can pick up. I tried many different settings and settled on this pictures. Yes I know I smeared a bit but I just don't have time to redo nails or wait for a long period between coats of polish. If I had some non acetone polish remover on hand, (all out) I could carefully remove a smeared stamp and do over but again to time consuming. As for the broken nails just proof I have a life that requires hands on labor :)

base  elemer's glue
second base Seche Base
3 coats Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby
top coat Sally Hansen insta dri Clearly Quick
Stamp BM 14
colors used on stamp:
  migi pen green
  Color Club Magic Elf
  Hot Topic Red
Top Coat Sally Hansen insta dri Clearly Quick

Monday, December 17, 2012


Been busy making cookies, Christmas shopping, getting supplies I need to make a diaper cake for my daughters baby shower next month. At this time of year I don't have a lot of time to put polish on and I also do not like to have polish on my nails when I bake. I figured I would try the elmer's glue method to speed things up when changing colors. On one hand it works well for removing polish on the other hand it seems to not work well for me with some of my polish. This mani only lasted one day. I do not have any before pictures :(
  I am not a fan of the Revlon polish formula. It seems thin even so this color is pretty with hints of pink but looks plastic. I did try this on a nail without the elmer's base and the color was still plastic and blah so the base did not have an effect on the color or formula. It reminds me of Barbie plastic. If you like pastels this would be nice. I seem to buy pastels thinking I will like them because they look pretty in the bottle but when I put a pastel color on umm ya not so much.
base elmer's glue
polish Revlon Ultra Violet

Monday, December 10, 2012


Fast post for myself to keep track of stamp polish combo I have used this year.
Base    elemer's glue X2 coats
Polish  Pure Ice Splash X3 coats
Stamp  BM14
Glitter Color Craze

Blurred so can see glitter color

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Base    elemer's glue X2 coats
Polish  Pure Ice Splash X3 coats
No top coat

Quick post before I go hang with the hubby.
With Flash

With Flash

No Flash

No Flash

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I am organizing my polish and I get 4 bottles in and find out a bottle is missing. It's just polish right? Wrong! I think I let a daughter borrow it maybe I gave it to her? It isn't a favorite by any means. I don't remember if I did give it away. Could I have possibly finished it...nah I would have remembered that and saved the bottle to use for something else. Besides I didn't really love it. How sad is it that I actually even remember the day I bought this bottle because it has a sexy name. Alas maybe it will find its way home someday. :(
In remembrance I will re post these pictures even though they are before clean up because I was adding a crackle to the top after these were taken. I don't like to do clean up until after I am completely done.

!!!!!!!!!!!! ....... Apologies! to my daughter, (please don't blame me for thinking it though) SO sorry. But I found it. Will hold off mourning any polish until I go through them all and organize them. Lesson Learned.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Trying something new hopefully the button on the side works. Discovered Pinterest awhile ago but only today figured I would give it a try. Still have a learning curve trying to figure out how to pin, what to pin and so forth. There are so many designs and nail hints out there I have bookmarked and I figure this would be a better way to keep track. Also over the years some really awesome nail bloggers have left taking with them their wisdom and I don't want to lose that. For me Pinterest is a way to keep a Pin on those designs and hints and give credit to that person where credit is due. I actually found one of my own nail pictures on Pinterest and must say I am flattered.
So I am going through my pictures and bookmarks going to organize my own pictures also. Time consuming but once done pretty sure it will be worth it to myself.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Base coat pro fx ridge filler
polish Essie Below The Belt
polish Milani Gems
top coat pro fx Quick Dry

It took forever to get pictures I liked. These pictures do not show how shiny and colorful this Jewel polish is. I feel like I have dragon scales on my nails. I do believe this is one of my favorite glitter polishes. It took several layers to get the coverage I wanted.

Below the Belt

Base Pro Fx Ridge filler
Polish Essie Below The Belt

My husband's post-op for his first cataract surgery went well. His second will be Dec. 12th. He is seeing the world more clearly now through his one eye. Everything is clear, colorful and bright. He keeps reading signs from far away. It's a whole new world for him! Only one downfall he can't see to read without reading glasses. We picked up temporary ones today after we had stopped to eat. I had to read the menu to him at Ihop. The whole time there he was looking around pointing things out to me that I just always took for granted and he is seeing for the first time. He loves to read signs from far away that he has never been able to read before.
He sees color more clearly now also. This evening he was looking at my rings and said that sapphire is bluer. He is seeing the world for the first time.