Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's Your Sign

A polish gift from my daughter.
first coat elmer's glue
base coat pro fx
polish x2 Sephora, "What's Your Sign"

Polish Brush is best I have used so far. Formula goes on smooth no bubbles.
Pigment, love it and the glimmer in this polish is so pretty.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are pictures of one of my Valentine's Day presents from my Hubby. I was keeping my polish in a craft cabinet that was starting to over flow with polish and also became confusing for me to find and remember what polishes I had used or where the one I wanted was. This is an awesome fix! I am SO happy about it. He will be adding a few more shelves for me this weekend for the rest of my polish. I will now be able to see all the colors, brands, types and organize them eventually. For now I just tossed some up.
 The shelves are red oak, 1x2x4 feet each and all together when it is done I will have 28 feet of shelf space. The brackets are antique brass L brackets from Lowe's. Up to now I haven't given much thought to the wall color but am starting to heh.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Velvet Manicure

First I can't find my glass file :( I have looked everywhere. Going to have to buy another and a spare. I didn't notice until after taking these pictures that the file I used did not work as well as a glass one does. I have since taken a file to the top edge to get rid of that tiny bit of white. It wasn't noticeable until I took the picture, go figure.
 Anyways my daughter and son in law gave me this  Ciaté Velvet Manicure™  kit as a Christmas gift.
 In my opinion the color is much darker then the picture on the box but cool none the less. It was easier to do then I thought and took one main coat of the polish and two of polish/crushed velvet. When I do this again I will be heavier on sprinkling the crushed velvet and wait at least 30 min before brushing it off. 
It does not wash away which is what I was afraid it might do. All in all so far I give this a thumbs up. I suggest eating before starting this mani if it is close to meal time. I was very hungry by the time I finished. It took a few hours for me. I am sure it will go faster next time since I know how to work with the product now.