Thursday, March 6, 2014


My posts will be few and far between. Logan is approaching his first birthday and I am able to have a little more me time but not much. My daughter is working hard and my son in law is holding down 2 jobs. Honestly it is criminal that two people who work as hard as they do can't seem to get ahead faster. Neither one get paid what they should from their employers. It is what it is though and watching Logan for them has been a labor of Love that I will continue as long as needed.
So this hutch I am told was once used for Sunday School materials at the Bayside United Methodist Church in New York. I remember this hutch being in my home all my life so it is over 52 years old. My Grandmother was a member of the church way back when. It moved from Bayside then to Long Island, New Jersey, Florida and traveled across country to Washington. Need less to say the hutch has been abused along the way. I remember the hutch as being painted black when I was little. My Mom started to refinish it and then she gave it to me. I had sanded it some previously and rubbed it with oil to preserve it and then it sat for years not finished. Last year I decided to tackle this project and get it done. Thanks to my husband for helping me make time to do this project that means so much to me. He also helped me go through the discounted material to find the background for inside the hutch. I love the lily family and this hutch's hardware reminded me of Fleur-de-lis or iris my favorite flower from the Lily family.
This piece is staying in my family so the decision was made to make it a color that would compliment the room. The inside background material is on foam board and can easily be popped out and changed. These colors match my other pops of color in the room.
So I started by taking all the hardware off and cleaning it being careful not to ruin the hardware as I was not able to find anything like it anywhere. The screws are not even made anymore my husband and I searched high and low to find suitable replacement for the screws that had rusted or somehow were lost through the years. I boiled the hardware in an old pot to clean it.
I sanded all the front surfaces keeping the back and inside untouched as the back and insides are in good condition. Then I made the decision not to stain the wood because it had so much damage from over the years. I primed it, painted,then poly coated to protect the top it should hold up for the rest of my life.
I used foam board inserts with material I found at Hobby Lobby for the inside background. I chose this green because it actually goes with the room as a whole.
Some people will be horrified I am sure that I decided to paint others would agree with me that painting was the way to go. The before pictures really do not show the damage that was done. My Mom had put stripper on it and that stripper had dried and sat on the wood for years. This was a rescue project. The Final Color is not exact as photo's of purple are difficult for me to capture.